Our goal is to establish this company as the market leader in the

Gear Activator Armless Security Automatic Folding Gate industry.



B.T.Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (“BTE”) was established as a private limited company on 18 August 1988 with a paid up capital of RM 4.7 million. In 1998, Madam Chow, the founder and current chairman, transformed what had been a relatively small engineering company into a large-scale manufacturer of Gear Activator Armless Security Automatic Folding Gates (“LEGATE SYSTEM”) 

A 60,000 sq. ft. factory was constructed over a 2-acre land area located at the Silibin Industrial Estate, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. This dramatically increased the manufacturing capacity of the company and allows for the handling of large numbers of orders. Since then, our company has increased sales through product diversification and geographical expansion with the appointment of more than 10 regional distributors. The company has also been actively involved in housing development projects to further improve our products in terms of both quality and cost.


Madam Chow receiving Excellent Quality Award from the Minister of Malaysia


The company has been working with Housing Developers and Architects to develop a cost effective and durable automatic folding gate for housing projects in Malaysia.



The company’s innovative Armless Security Automatic Folding Gate System has several advantages versus  piston arm auto-gate system and sliding gearbox system, namely:-   

  • Shortest open time and closing time ( less than 9 seconds)
  • Enclosed armless system minimize damages caused by outside impact 
  • Longer life span of the gearbox and motor ( with 10 years warranty)
  • Minimum trouble caused by the gear box or damage to arm
  • The folding gate design is to avoid the gate hitting the car/people during opening
  • Built-in alarm system for security